Pastors & Staff

Terrence D. Nichols


Pastor Nichols, a native of Easton, Maryland, has been a preacher, bible study leader, youth ministry leader and much more for well over 30 years. His passion for God coupled with his desire to bring others to Christ makes him a truly anointed vessel of God. Accepting the call to pastor in 2015, he leads with tenderness and a father-like spirit touching the lives of the congregation both young and old. He mentored and baptized many yet still burns with a desire to reach as many as possible by not just preaching and spreading the gospel but by demonstrating true ministry to all he comes into contact with. He preaches with power, authority and purpose; driven by one focus, which is to draw as many as he can to God.

Elder Charles Murray

Senior Elder

Elder Murray has been an ambassador for God for many year and has taught countless people through Bible study about God. He has preached numerous powerful, soul piercing sermons with an underlying theme which is to walk in the light of God's love and to turn away from doing wrong. He has and still continues to lead by example with a loving, tender heart and spirit and with a monumental capacity to love all.  

Elder David Jones

Lay Elder

A former veteran, educator and native of South Carolina, Elder Jones has been an important pillar in our congregation. He, having worked closely with Pastor Nichols, has greatly impacted our churches progress in many facets. Wearing many hats, he has been a sabbath school teacher, a preacher, a counselor and administrative organizer. He brings a refreshing practicality to the Word of God which can bring about a more personal effect, very important to new believers. 

Kittina Coursey

Helps Ministry Leader

Having a genuine heart for people, Sis. Tina Coursey leads our Helps Ministry; which includes: Food Pantry, Clothing Closet, Denton Church Center Liaison and also assist in our DC Media Department. Quiet yet busy, she leads with passion and purpose our Denton Church Community Outreach Programs.